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Best Torrent Sites for Movies – Truly Secure and Virus Free

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Best Torrent Sites for Movies

A List of Best Torrent Sites for Movies Download

While BitTorrent and torrent files are often associated with piracy and illegal downloading, torrenting itself is simply a protocol for distributing and sharing large files between users. When it comes to finding the best torrent sites for movies, it’s essential to understand how torrenting works.

When you download a torrent, you connect to a decentralized network of users who are seeding parts of the full file. Your torrent client then downloads small pieces of the movie from each seed until you have the complete content. While some torrent sites may offer illegal or copyrighted material, there are also legitimate sources for legally obtaining movies and other content through torrents.

This distributed downloading model efficiently transfers large files, but it also enables massive piracy.

Most movie torrents are unauthorized copies that violate copyright. However, some legal torrents do exist, such as open-source films, indie movies, or public-domain content.

Regardless, using torrent sites to pirate copyrighted movies and TV shows is illegal. You can receive hefty fines for doing so in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Germany.

To torrent movies safely, always use a VPN to hide your IP and activity from your ISP and copyright enforcers. We also recommend sticking to reputable sites and avoiding questionable torrents.

Best Torrent Sites for Movie Download with Fast Seeds & HD Quality

  • RARBG – Best for New Movie Releases
  • 1337X – Largest Selection of Movie Torrents
  • The Pirate Bay (TPB) – Legendary Torrent Site
  • YTS.MX – Best for Small Size HD Movie Torrents
  • EZTV – Best for TV Show Torrents
  • Zooqle – Torrent Search Engine
  • TorLock – Torrent Verification and Ratings
  • LimeTorrents – Large Fan-Built Library
  • TorrentDownloads – Torrent Collections and Packs

RARBG – Best for New Movie Releases

RARBG is our pick for the top torrent site to download new movie releases in 2023.

Founded in 2008, RARBG has emerged as one of the most popular and trusted public torrent trackers. It specializes in high-quality torrents for the latest movies, TV shows, and games.

RARBG is especially great for downloading CAM, TS, and R5 rips of movies that just left theaters. You’ll find torrents uploaded in HD formats like 1080p, 720p, and even 4K UHD.

The site is clean and simple, with powerful torrent search and filtering. You can browse movies by genre, year, quality, and other criteria. RARBG also offers music, applications, and TV torrents.

Safety is a high priority. RARBG does not host torrent files on its servers. The site only hosts trackers, magnet links, and hashes. All torrents undergo verification and moderation before appearing on the site.

RARBG also encourages users to comment on each torrent. This allows you to check feedback on the quality, viruses, and authenticity of a movie before downloading.

With its large selection of new releases in HD, strong moderation, and community feedback, RARBG is our top choice for movie torrents.

Key Features of RARBG

  • Extensive library of new release movies in HD quality
  • Daily uploads of the latest films
  • Powerful search and filtering options
  • Verified and high-quality releases only
  • Active community with comments and feedback

1337X – Largest Selection of Movie Torrents

With over 2 million torrents, 1337X has the largest collection of verified movie and TV show torrents.

1337X launched in 2007 as a clone of the original isoHunt torrent site. When isoHunt shut down, 1337X took over and became one of the premier public torrent sites.

The huge torrent database spans movies, TV, games, music, apps, and more. For just movies, 1337X indexes over 112,000 torrents – including content in 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2160p (4K UHD), 3D and BluRay.

You can easily find both old and new movie releases. Expect to see quality uploads from trusted groups like YTS, EVO, and RARBG.

1337X offers advanced filtering to navigate its massive catalog. You can filter by keywords, categories, date added, size, seeds, and more. The clean design also makes browsing and finding torrents effortless.

Like RARBG, 1337X does not actually host torrent files or pirated content. The site only tracks torrents and connects users to peers, which provides an extra layer of protection.

For the largest selection of movie torrents in one place, 1337X can’t be beaten. From old classics to the latest blockbusters, 1337X indexes virtually every movie torrent on the web.

Key Features of 1337X

  • Massive selection of over 112,000 movie torrents
  • Every movie genre and release year covered
  • Trusted uploads from release groups like YTS and EVO
  • Powerful search and filtering of the torrent database
  • It does not host pirated content – only trackers and magnet links

The Pirate Bay (TPB) – Legendary Torrent Site

The list of movie torrent sites would only be complete with The Pirate Bay.

Launched in 2003, TPB pioneered the modern torrenting landscape and quickly became the most famous and notorious piracy site on the Internet.

Despite raids, seizures, and going offline briefly in 2014, The Pirate Bay remains standing today.

The site looks dated compared to newer torrent platforms. But TPB still offers a huge library of media torrents – including over 48,000 movie torrents at last count.

From cult classics to new releases, you’ll Pirate Bay offers a wide variety of films. Torrents are sourced from various uploaders rather than dedicated release groups, so quality and file sizes can be hit or miss.

The Pirate Bay also doesn’t moderate or verify all torrents like other top sites. To avoid fake torrents, it’s important to scan comments and user ratings. Using a VPN and antivirus is a must when downloading from TPB.

However, due to the sheer volume and variety of torrents, especially for older movies, The Pirate Bay remains a top torrent site.

Some ISPs block the Pirate Bay. To access it and protect your privacy, you’ll need a VPN like ExpressVPN.

Key Features The Pirate Bay (TPB)

  • Legendary pioneering torrent site
  • Massive library of over 48,000 movie torrents
  • Huge variety – including rare and old films
  • Unmoderated torrents require extra safety precautions
  • Blocked by many ISPs – requires VPN access

YTS.MX – Best for Small Size HD Movie Torrents

YTS, previously known as YIFY, became hugely popular for its small-size HD movie torrents. After YIFY shut down, the YTS brand moved to the new domain, YTS.MX.

This resurrected YTS site continues the tradition of hosting only the highest-quality HD movie torrents in small file sizes.

Almost every film is available in 1080p or 720p resolutions – while staying under 1GB or 2GB in size. This makes YTS ideal for downloading HD movies quickly, even on slow connections.

YTS has a clean and simple interface. You can browse movies by year, genre, country, and popular downloads or search directly by movie title.

All torrents are uploaded internally rather than relying on external trackers. A strict verification process ensures every movie torrent meets the site’s standards for quality and safety. Malware torrents are prohibited.

While YTS.MX has a smaller catalog compared to sites like 1337X; you can always find the most popular new and old movies in optimal HD quality. From Hollywood blockbusters to indie flicks, YTS redefines the HD movie torrent experience.

Key Features YTS.MX 

  • Small-size yet high-quality HD torrents
  • Movies available in 1080p and 720p under 1-2GB
  • All torrents verified and internally uploaded
  • Streamlined browsing and search
  • No cam copies or low-quality releases are allowed

EZTV – Best for TV Show Torrents

While EZTV has movies, it also stands out as the top source for torrented TV shows.

EZTV, short for EasyTV, launched in 2005 as a TV torrent specialty site. It has reliable releases of popular shows uploaded just hours after episodes air.

From long-running sitcoms to freshly aired dramas, EZTV is packed with TV content. Most shows are available in SD, 720p, and 1080p formats.

EZTV has a reputation for clean, ad-free website design. Finding shows is easy with category browsing and searching by series or episode name.

All uploads come directly from reputable internal release groups like ETTV, ETRG, and RARBG. This results in verified, high-quality TV torrents with no malware or fakes.

Like other top torrent sites, EZTV does not actually host pirated TV shows. It only hosts .torrent files that point to content hosted on different platforms.

EZTV is the number one destination for the fastest access to the latest episodes and full seasons of your favorite shows.

Key Features of EZTV

  • Specializes in TV show torrents
  • Fast uploads of new episodes after airing
  • Full seasons and individual episodes are available
  • Clean site design and UI for finding shows
  • Strict verification for all uploaded torrents

Zooqle – Torrent Search Engine

Instead of indexing uploads on one platform, Zooqle operates as a meta-search engine for torrents. It aggregates torrents from dozens of other public trackers.

This gives you a one-stop shop to search virtually any movie or TV torrent spanning multiple sites.

Zooqle will pull movie torrents sourced from The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337X, and more. If you have an account, it also searches for well-known private trackers.

You can search directly by keyword or browse popular movie categories and genres. Zooqle’s advanced filtering makes it easy to sort through huge numbers of aggregated torrents.

Results display torrent health stats like seeds, peers, and sizes alongside links to the original platform. This allows you to review torrent details before visiting the source site.

By combining torrents from across the web, Zooqle provides the most comprehensive meta-search. The only downside is that torrent quality can vary wildly depending on the source.

Key Features of Zooqle

  • Massive searchable index of movie torrents
  • Pulls and aggregates results from dozens of torrent sites
  • Advanced filtering and sorting of torrent results
  • Preview torrent details before visiting source sites
  • Quality varies since sources range from The Pirate Bay to private trackers

TorLock – Torrent Verification and Ratings

As the name suggests, TorLock prides itself on having a heavily protected and monitored torrent index.

Active moderators verify every new torrent upload before it can appear on the site. Bad torrents with malware, fake files, or poor quality are rejected.

In addition, each verified torrent is scanned for potential threats. Users can also still rate and review torrents after the verification process, which provides extra insight into a torrent’s reputation.

In addition to movies, TorLock provides TV shows, music, games, software, and ebook torrents. The content is well-organized into various categories for browsing.

With regular verification, malware scanning, and community ratings, TorLock goes the extra mile for safety. You can download movies from TorLock with more confidence than other unmoderated sites.

Key Features TorLock

  • Every movie torrent is verified before publishing
  • Additional malware scanning for extra protection
  • User ratings and reviews on all torrents
  • Clean interface and easy browsing
  • Extra safety and peace of mind for downloading

LimeTorrents – Large Fan-Built Library

LimeTorrents positions itself as an alternative to veteran sites like The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents.

Rather than relying on internal release groups, LimeTorrents is built around user uploads and requests. Fans can upload any movie torrent they want – as long as it meets site guidelines.

With open uploading, LimeTorrents provides a huge catalog spanning movies, TV shows, games, and music. It has over 10 million torrents available across all categories.

LimeTorrents is best for more obscure, hard-to-find, or older movie torrents uploaded directly by users. However, open uploading has downsides. Fake and malware-laden torrents are more common without moderation.

The site does have basic quality checks, commenting, and metadata editing to improve the experience. However, extra caution is still advised when downloading from LimeTorrents compared to moderated alternatives.

Key Features of LimeTorrents

  • Massive library of torrents built from user uploads
  • Great for finding rare and obscure movie torrents
  • Minimal moderation means more unsafe torrents
  • Huge variety compensates for lower quality control

TorrentDownloads – Torrent Collections and Packs

Most movie torrent sites focus on individual titles. But TorrentDownloads specializes in curated torrent packs and collections.

Here, you can find multi-torrent packs conveniently bundled by movie genre, actor, director, year, or other themes.

For example, you’ll see torrent collections like:

  • Lord of the Rings complete trilogy
  • Star Wars Saga pack
  • Pixar collection
  • Classic horror movie pack
  • Every film starring Tom Hanks

These curated torrent packs span both movies and TV shows. They make it easy to grab entire series or collections in one torrent.

You can still find individual movie and TV show torrents, too. Content is sorted into familiar categories when searching and browsing.

TorrentDownloads is about discovering and downloading great compilations and packs. While light on the latest releases, it’s perfect for box set-style bundles.

Key Features of TorrentDownloads

  • Specializes in movie and TV show torrent packs
  • Download the entire series or collections in single torrents.
  • Tags make discovering curated bundles easy.
  • Individual movie/TV torrents are also available
  • Great for building media libraries

Is Torrenting Movies Legal?

Most movie and TV torrents are unauthorized copies that violate copyright. Downloading or distributing these torrents is illegal in many countries.

However, the exact legality depends on your country and the content itself:

  • Torrenting movies you own to create backups can be legal in some countries under fair use laws.
  • Films without copyright, in the public domain, or released by owners for free file sharing may be legal to torrent.
  • In some jurisdictions, browsing torrent sites or downloading/seeding the .torrent file itself is a legal grey area.
  • Governments tend to target large-scale uploaders and hosts of pirated content more than individual downloaders.

We recommend against torrenting new movies from major studios or anything still under copyright protection. Avoid potential fines and penalties by streaming movies from legal platforms like Netflix or Hulu instead.

If you do torrent, always use a VPN to stay anonymous. VPN encryption prevents your ISP from seeing your activity and taking punitive actions.

Anti-piracy enforcement agencies can’t match your torrent downloads to your real IP address and identity if you use a no-logs VPN.

5 Tips for Safe Movie Torrenting

Here are 5 quick tips to keep yourself safe and secure when torrenting movies:

  • Use a VPN: A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and hides your IP address. This keeps you anonymous while torrenting and bypasses anti-piracy blocks.
  • Scan with Antivirus: Always scan downloaded movie files with updated antivirus software to detect any malware.
  • Check User Comments: Read comments on the torrent for feedback on quality and validity before downloading.
  • Avoid Suspicious Uploaders: Only download from trusted uploaders and avoid “no-name” accounts that may distribute malware.
  • Limit Seeding: To protect your privacy further, limit seeding time after finishing your downloads.

Final Thoughts

From RARBG to The Pirate Bay, we covered the top torrent sites around for safely downloading movies of all genres in HD quality.

These public torrent trackers connect you to swarms for downloading films using p2p technology, often infringing on copyright. So, if you torrent, be discrete and guard your privacy with antivirus tools and a VPN.

Streaming gives you safer and easier access to movies without piracy risks. But for file sharers seeking requested content, turn to trusted torrent platforms like 1337X and YTS.MX verifies torrents and provides community feedback.

Whatever movie you’re seeking, those 7+ torrent sites highlighted above will have you covered. Just be thoughtful about both ethics and security when sourcing films from unapproved providers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Movie Torrenting

What are the consequences of getting caught illegally torrenting movies?

The penalties for unauthorized movie torrenting depend on your country and severity. The consequences can range from warning letters to fines and even jail time in extreme cases.

Most punishments for casual piracy include temporary loss of internet access and fines up to thousands of dollars per infringed file. Large-scale distributors face harsher prosecution.

Is Popcorn Time legal?

Popcorn Time is not legal because it uses torrent streaming to provide copyright-protected movies without the owner’s consent. Downloading or viewing movies on Popcorn Time violates piracy laws.

Can you get a virus from torrenting movies?

Yes, it’s possible to get a virus or malware infection from opening movie torrent files or playing downloaded video files. Always scan files with antivirus software before opening. Also, avoid shady torrent sites and uploaders.

Does a VPN fully protect me when torrenting movies?

A VPN provides essential online privacy and anonymity when torrenting by hiding your IP address. However, VPN use alone will not shield you from law enforcement if you get caught; a VPN makes it much harder for you to get caught, though.

How are movie torrents uploaded and shared?

Movie torrents are shared via distributed peer-to-peer networks rather than central servers. After one user uploads a torrent, anyone who downloads it also starts distributing the pieces to other users. This allows large media files to spread across the web.

Is it safer to stream torrents instead of downloading them?

Streaming torrents can minimize some risks because no full file is saved on your device. However, streaming still uses p2p downloading, so your IP isn’t protected. Overall, streaming isn’t necessarily safer than direct downloads if you don’t use a VPN.

Which is better for HD movies: YTS or RARBG?

YTS offers very small HD movie files optimized for quick downloading. RARBG provides larger but higher quality HD movies with options beyond 1080p, like 4K. For most users, YTS 1080p films are satisfactory, but RARBG is better for the highest fidelity.

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