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Call of Duty VPN: How to Play Call of Duty (COD)

Last Updated on 20th May, 2023
Call of Duty VPN

Maximizing Your Gaming Experience with Call of Duty VPN

Are you looking for a way to play Call of Duty (COD) even if it’s restricted in your region? Our guide on Call of Duty VPN and how to play Call of Duty anywhere will show you how to do just that, no matter where you are.

Activision developed Call of Duty, a video game franchise that falls under the first-person shooter category. The series debuted on Microsoft Windows in 2003 & eventually expanded to consoles and handheld devices. The franchise’s games usually offer both a single-player campaign mode and various multiplayer modes, including team-based modes & deathmatch-style modes.

With a plethora of entries receiving critical praise & financial success, the Call of Duty franchise has become an undeniable sensation. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops, & Call of Duty: Warzone is among the most beloved game titles in the series.

The Call of Duty games generally showcases realistic portrayals of military combat, placing a strong emphasis on tactical gameplay and teamwork. The games are set in a variety of historical contexts and frequently include fictionalized adaptations of contemporary conflicts. Additionally, certain entries in the series have explored futuristic and science-fiction elements.

Call of Duty COD is Banned in Many Countries

Call of Duty’s usage of violent and graphic content has resulted in the game being banned or facing limitations in certain countries. For instance, some versions of the COD game have been censored or prohibited in Germany due to concerns over its portrayal of war and violence, while China has banned some versions due to its depiction of sensitive political issues, such as Tibet. Despite these restrictions, Call of Duty remains tremendously popular in many other regions.

It’s challenging to compile an exhaustive list of countries where Call of Duty is banned, as different versions of the game may undergo varying degrees of censorship or limitations depending on the content that is deemed objectionable. Nevertheless, some countries where specific versions of the game have faced restrictions or censorship include Germany, Japan, China, and South Korea.

Best VPNs to Play Call of Duty without any Restrictions

  • NordVPN: The Perfect VPN for Call of Duty Players
  • Surfshark VPN: The Ideal VPN for Online Gaming and Call of Duty
  • ExpressVPN: Experience the Fastest VPN for Call of Duty
  • Atlas VPN: Play Call of Duty Without Restrictions

NordVPN: The Perfect VPN for Call of Duty Players

NordVPN Home Page
NordVPN is designed to minimize latency impacts which is crucial for online gaming. High latency can cause lag, buffering, and unresponsive controls in games. NordVPN uses specialized gaming servers and protocols optimized for low latency. NordVPN has over 5,500+ servers in 60 countries, including many options in North America, Europe, and Asia where popular Call of Duty servers are located. More servers mean lower pings and better performance.

NordVPN uses advanced AES-256-bit encryption to protect your connection and mask your online activity. Strong encryption is important for privacy when gaming online. It does not log any sensitive information about the accounts you use, passwords you enter or activities you perform while gaming. Your online privacy is fully protected.

NordVPN is built to handle intensive bandwidth usage, fast-paced action, and reflex-critical gameplay without buffering or needing to reconnect. They ensure smooth, uninterrupted performance for gaming. Additional NordVPN features like a dedicated gaming mode, automatic disconnect on app close, and IP address randomization further boost online game privacy, security, and latency-focused performance.

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can risk-free try their service with Call of Duty and other multiplayer games to ensure a great experience before subscribing long-term.

Protect your gameplay and streaming privacy with NordVPN. This premium VPN service uses advanced encryption to mask your online activity and hide your real IP address so you can enjoy Call of Duty with peace of mind. NordVPN allows you to bypass geographic restrictions, stay anonymous, and unlock more gameplay options. Experience Call of Duty like never before with the top rated VPN. Read our NordVPN Review for more…

Surfshark VPN: The Ideal VPN for Online Gaming and Call of Duty

Surfshark VPN Home Page
Surfshark has servers in many locations around the world, including in countries where COD is blocked or restricted. This allows you to connect to unblocked servers and access the full game. It provides an encrypted tunnel to route your internet traffic. This can help improve ping rates and connectivity while playing first-person shooter games like COD that require fast, responsive networking.

Surfshark VPN masks your real IP address and hides your online identity and prevents other players from seeing your IP address or location while playing online. It also allows you to bypass IP address bans or region restrictions some games implement.

Surfshark VPN encrypts all your traffic and hides your online activity from snoopers. It prevents others from seeing what servers you join or what in-game purchases you make, providing anonymous and private browsing while playing games.

Some games provide region-specific content, DLC, events, or rewards including Call of Duty, PUBG, etc. Surfshark VPN allows you to appear in another region to access content that may be locked in your actual location. You can unlock additional in-game items, events, or other features.

In some countries or regions, certain games or types of content within games may be censored or banned. Surfshark VPN circumvents those censorship restrictions and firewalls to give you full, uncensored access to the game. You can engage with all aspects of the online experience.

Encrypt your internet connection and ensure smooth gameplay with Surfshark VPN. As one of the fastest, most secure VPNs, Surfshark provides dedicated servers optimized for gaming that reduce lag and buffering. With Surfshark VPN, you can play Call of Duty, Fortnite, PubG Mobile, Apex Legends and other online games with less ping for a competitive edge. Take your game to the next level with a VPN trusted by pro gamers. For more details, checkout our Surfshark VPN Review.

ExpressVPN: Experience the Fastest VPN for Call of Duty

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ExpressVPN provides dedicated gaming servers in many locations. Using a server close to your target gaming server or data center can help reduce latency which benefits fast-paced shooters like Call of Duty.

Having a fast, stable internet connection with plenty of bandwidth to support HD gaming and streaming is important. ExpressVPN alone cannot fix an underpowered internet connection. ExpressVPN aims to provide servers with pings under 50ms which is good for most online games. But the actual ping you get will also depend on the server location, the number of connected users, and your device/network. Lower is not always better.

Things like your CPU, GPU, memory, and SSD/hard drive can significantly impact how playable the game feels. If your devices are underpowered, a VPN may not help much. Optimizing settings like graphics quality, resolution, motion blur, and VSYNC can sometimes provide bigger improvements than using a VPN. It depends on your specific devices and internet setup.

Hence, while ExpressVPN does offer dedicated gaming servers and can potentially provide some benefits for Call of Duty players, there are many other factors involved. The performance boost will vary from person to person. The best approach is to try out ExpressVPN on the servers that work best for you and see if you notice improved responsiveness, reduced lag, or stuttering.

Get ultra-fast speeds and low ping with ExpressVPN for an unparalleled experience while gaming on Call of Duty. As the #1 fastest VPN, ExpressVPN ensures all your actions register instantly for competitive Call of Duty gameplay. It is the premium choice for streaming, downloading, and playing Call of Duty at the absolute highest level. ExpressVPN delivers – experience the difference today! Read our comprehensive guide on ExpressVPN Review.

Atlas VPN: Play Call of Duty Without Restrictions

Atlas VPN Home Page

AtlasVPN offers a solution for individuals looking to play Call of Duty by allowing them to connect to a server in a country where the game is available. Through this connection, a user’s internet traffic is securely encrypted and routed through their preferred server, giving the impression that their device is physically located in that country. This process enables users to bypass any geographical restrictions that may be in place.

AtlasVPN’s vast network of servers is in numerous countries worldwide, including those where Call of Duty is accessible. With over 700 servers across 37 countries, their network is continually expanding, which can enhance the online gaming experience by reducing latency and improving connection speeds.

In addition to the server network, AtlasVPN offers various features, such as ad and malware blocking, that can help safeguard a user’s device while playing Call of Duty online. Furthermore, their strict no-logs policy guarantees that they do not store any data regarding a user’s online activity.

Enjoy the latest Call of Duty game without lag or censorship. Atlas VPN provides an encrypted tunnel to stealthily bypass geographic restrictions and play with friends around the world. With ultra-fast servers in over 30 countries, Atlas VPN eliminates lag and lets you experience the game as it was meant to be played. Install Atlas VPN now for unlimited, unrestricted gaming. Checkout our AtlasVPN review for more…

How To Play Call of Duty with a VPN: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide for playing Call of Duty using a VPN:

  • Sign up for a VPN service. Choose a reputable VPN like NordVPN, ExpressVPN or Surfshark VPN. Get a subscription and download the VPN app on your gaming device.
  • Install and launch the VPN app. Open the app and sign in with the account details you created. Select your desired server location. For anonymity, choose a location far from your physical location.
  • Connect to the VPN. Tap Connect or Enable the VPN to start encrypting your internet traffic and route it through the VPN server.
  • Check your new IP address. Your IP address should now be the IP of the VPN server. This hides your real IP address and location.
  • Launch the Call of Duty game. Sign into your Activision account and start playing as usual. Your gameplay will be private and geo-restricted content will be available.
  • Disable the VPN when done. When you finish playing, tap Disconnect or Disable the VPN. This will stop your traffic from being routed through the VPN and you can continue online as normal.
  • Consider streaming. If you stream your gameplay, the VPN hides your real IP address from viewers and chatters. This protects you from swatting and other cyber threats. Viewers will just see the IP of the VPN server.
  • Stay safe online. Using a VPN is an important first step but take extra precautions like enabling two-factor authentication on your account, using a strong password, and being wary of phishing attempts and suspicious links/downloads. Enjoy your private and secure Call of Duty sessions!

Conclusion on Call of Duty VPN

Using a VPN to play Call of Duty is a practical way to circumvent geographic restrictions and improve your online gaming experience, though employing a VPN provider with a substantial network of servers and robust encryption is crucial to ensure optimal performance, security, and legal compliance while doing so. While a VPN may expand access, accessing restricted content could violate platform policies or prove illegal, requiring review of laws and regulations before use.


Who owns Call of Duty (COD)?

Activision, one of the largest video game publishers, owns the exclusive rights to the Call of Duty (COD) first-person shooter franchise. Though Activision’s subsidiary development studios like Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games create each individual Call of Duty game, Activision maintains full ownership and control over the Call of Duty brand and series direction.

Activision possesses ultimate authority over the Call of Duty IP, determining which studios develop each new entry to maximize profits. The Call of Duty games remain closely connected under Activision’s oversight, not as separate games under different ownerships. Activision operates the franchise for profit, not as a collection of independently owned games.

What does ads mean in call of duty?

In Call of Duty, ads refer to acquisition and deployment systems. These are special vehicles and systems that players can deploy to gain an advantage on the battlefield. ADS allows players to place spawn points, mount turrets, project supply drops, and call-in air support like helicopter gunships and precision air strikes. By earning points and ranking up, players can unlock access to more and more powerful ADS options which provide fire support, respawn their teammates, or give the team special bonuses. The ADS systems are a key tactical element in Call of Duty multiplayer matches.

Can you play call of duty on Nintendo switch?

The Nintendo Switch is not designed for running graphically intensive games like Call of Duty. The Switch uses portable components that produce lower performance than typical gaming PCs or consoles. While the Switch can play some third-person shooters and combat games, Call of Duty is too demanding for its specifications. The Switch has a docked mode with a TV output, but its processors and graphics card are underpowered to handle the rendering, physics, AI, and high-fidelity textures of a game in the Call of Duty series. Porting Call of Duty to Switch would result in a severely downgraded product that lacks the visuals and gameplay of the main series. The Nintendo Switch is best suited for Nintendo first-party games and some simple ports or remasters.

What is hip fire in call of duty?

In Call of Duty, “hip fire” means shooting without aiming down the scope. Players fire from the hip, pointing roughly at enemies for quick shots but less accuracy. Hip fire enables fast reactions but reduces precision. Skilled players hip fire at close range, then aim for long distance kills. The ability to seamlessly switch between hip fire and aimed shots provides an edge in Call of Duty’s intense combat.

How to appeal a Call of Duty ban?

Check if your Call of Duty ban was made in error. If unfair, submit an appeal within 7 days. Explain why the ban was unjustified and provide evidence. Activision reviews appeals case by case, no guarantee of reinstatement. But a timely, logical appeal offers the best chance to overturn an unjust ban.

What means Call of Duty shadow ban?

A shadow ban bars you from the Call of Duty community but lets you play on. You claim the game as always, chat and compete, yet vanish from others’ view. severed from the scene, yet still in the game, shadow banned, you stand alone.

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